Allen Wang

Lessons from Undergrad

DC at Waterloo, known as the CS building:

2 months have passed since convocation, and views of the past are slowly moving away. I wanted to summarize what I’ve learned during undergrad while the memory is fresh.

Turns out, there’s a lot. I compiled a few articles touching on different topics.

Life lessons are, by nature, subjective. No matter how perceptive you are, life happens only once and the path you take is one among countless alternatives. In reinforcement learning terms, life is a single episode sampled from the enviroment - and has a high variance! So the experience of any one person is inheritantly biased[1]. That said, here I share my subjective, biased lessons from undergrad; it’s a new data point of life that hopefully gives it a fuller picture.

Popping Bubbles

Notes on Human Qualities

No Free Lunch (coming soon)

  1. I use bias to mean deviated from the mean. Not to be confused with variance - the distribution has high variance, and thus each instance tends to be deviated. Life is also a continuous space so “the average life” would be different from any life actually lived.

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